What we do


Dalyn Highfield - Owner

I have been in the construction trades for over 30 years and snowmobiling/dirt biking for around 20. I started out working on a drill press in a wood working shop when I was 10 years old, then moved up to machinist & construction worker when I was 16. When I was around 23 years old I decided to branch off on my own creating my own construction company named High Mark Construction. If the name didn’t give it away I was getting big into snowmobiling around that time. After marrying my lovely wife in 2013 and getting her involved in the motorsport world, I decided to hang up my tool belt and pursue my passion. Between all the great people I have met throughout the years and all the amazing machines I have owned, I couldn’t think of a better market to be surrounded in. The snow and dirt bike life is like a family, we all work hard throughout the week to enjoy those two-three days every weekend. To share this way of life with so many other people, my good friend and I decided why not make a business to help supply machines and last minutes item you may need before breaking away for that big adventure every weekend.