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Arena Hybrid

Motoz is proud to introduce the world’s first MX / trials Hybrid tyre for closed circuit events. We refined the trials-inspired hybrid carcass, added a motocross inspired tread design and minimized weight to produce the perfect tyre for enduro-cross, extreme enduro and artificial terrain events.

Available Sizes:
REAR: 110/100-18 (64M), 120/100-18 (68M), 110/90-19 (62M)

$101.99 - $112.99

Mountain Hybrid

Motoz Invented the Hybrid tyre concept in 2013. In 2014 Motoz won multiple Industry awards, including runner-up for Most Innovative Product of the Year at the 2014 AIM Expo. Construction like a trials tyre but with reinforced sidewalls to allow lower inflation pressure for off-road technical and mountainous terrain. Flexible tread zone for awesome traction in wide variety of conditions.

Available Sizes:
FRONT: 80/100-21 (51M)
REAR: 110/100-18 (64M), 120/100-18 (68M), 110/90-19 (62M)

$90.99 - $115.99


Terrapactor S/T

Race proven tread design delivers maximum drive and high performance cornering speeds. Lightweight construction coupled with rigid and flex zones in the carcass keeps the tread planted for awesome traction in bumpy rutted conditions.

Available Sizes:
FRONT: 80/100-21 (51M), 60/100-14 (29L), 70/100-17 (40L), 70/100-19 (42M)
REAR: 110/100-18 (64M), 120/90-18 (65M), 100/90-19 (57M), 110/90-19 (62M), 80/100-12 (50L), 90/100-14 (49L), 90/100-16 (51L)

$43.99 - $95.99


Tractionator Adventure

Designed to handle the toughest terrain in Australia, USA, Baja and across the globe providing superior off-road traction and long mileage. Stronger construction than most adventure tyres give world class off-road performance with a high resistance to punctures.

Available Sizes:
FRONT: 110/80-19 (59Q), 120/70-19 (60Q), 90/90-21 (54Q), 90/90-21 MK2 (54Q)
REAR: 130/80-17 (65Q), 150/70-17 (69Q),
140/80-18 (70Q), 150/70-18 (70Q), 170/60-17 (72Q)

$107.99 - $227.99


Tractionator Desert H/T

TRACTIONATOR DESERT H/T (Hard Terrain) is famous for dependable performance in extreme conditions and its ability to maintain traction off-road in wide open throttle high speed corners.

Available Sizes:
FRONT: 90/90-21 (54R)
REAR: 110/100-18 (64M), 130/90-18 (69M), 140/80-18 (70M), 110/90-19 (62M), 130/80-17 (65M)

$96.99 - $111.99

Tractionator Enduro S/T

The MOTOZ Tractionator Enduro S/T (soft terrain) has been designed to give aggressive traction in soft terrain with longer wear than regular soft terrain tires. It features MX grip with Enduro strength and wear. Designed for riders who want the grip of an MX tyre and a tough carcass for off-road with better resistance to punctures and pinch flats.

Available Sizes:
FRONT: 90/90-21 (54R), 90/100-21 (57R)
REAR: 110/100-18 (64R), 120/90-18 (65R), 130/90-18 (69R), 100/90-19 (57M), 110/90-19 (62R), 120/80-18 (65R), 140/80-18 (70R)

$79.99 - $97.99


Tractionator GPS

If you’ve got the right bike, got the gear, got the GPS; these tyres are designed to get you anywhere on the globe and back home again. Long mileage, serious traction and smooth transition from pavement to gravel to dirt, the GPS does it all. Reversible rear to suit the rider’s needs – either 50/50 or Mostly Off-Road.

Available Sizes:
FRONT: 110/80-19 (59 T), 120/70-19 (60 Q), 90/90-21 (54T),
REAR: 130/80-17 (65T), 150/70-17 (69T),
170/60-17 (72 Q), 140/80-18 (70T), 150/70-18 (70T)

$102.99 - $223.99


Tractionator RallZ

RallZ is the most aggressive off-road adventure tyre in the Motoz range. Its DNA is part desert race tyre and part long distance adventure tyre. Based on the popular Tractionator Adventure but with more aggressive off-road traction in all weather extremes. Off-road Performance with reasonable on-road manners.

Available Sizes:
FRONT Tubeless: 110/80-19 (59 Q), 120/70-19 (60Q), 90/90-21 (54Q)
REAR Tubeless: 150/70-17 (69Q), 150/70-18 (70Q), 170/60-17 (72Q)

FRONT Tube Type: 90/90-21 (54R)
REAR Tube Type: 130/80-17 (65Q), 120/90-18 (65R),
140/80-18 (70R)

$107.99 - $206.99


Xtreme Hybrid

The XTREME HYBRID is the most aggressive DOT tyre in the Hybrid range. Suited to extreme conditions, the Xtreme hybrid provides serious straight-line drive for those soft hill climbs and muddy bogs. Traction characteristics of a trials tyre, with the dimensions of a serious off-road enduro tyre to maintain the bike’s handling characteristics.

Available Sizes:
FRONT: 80/100-21 (51M)
REAR: 110/100-18 (64M), 120/100-18 (68M), 110/90-19 (62M)

$90.99 - $118.99

Tractionator Enduro I/T

The Tractionator Enduro I/T (Intermediate Terrain)offers proven grip, durability over long distances in a wide variety of terrain and punishing conditions. The Enduro I/T Tyre was developed for Enduro / Dual sport and trail use in varied terrain.

Available Sizes:
FRONT: 90/90-21 (54R)
REAR: 110/100-18 (64R), 120/90-18 (65R), 130/90-18 (69R), 110/90-19 (62R), 140/80-18 (70R)

$80.99 - $102.99